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Our claim

Excellent quality in exactly the required quantity

With sanupharm ingredients you receive high-quality raw materials, from small quantities to large batches, naturally including Analysis certificate.

Our core competencies

High quality raw materials at attractive prices


Probiotics: Cultures and individual strains in individual quantities

BIO raw materials, biological plant extracts and superfoods
In addition to our conventional range, we offer our customers a wide variety of plant extracts and superfoods in tested and certified organic quality (AT-BIO-401)

Liquid raw materials and extracts in individual quantities

Oily and aqueous extracts, fluid extracts and tinctures
We offer a wide range of spray-dried or freeze-dried plant powders and plant extracts as well as medicinal plants in liquid form and different standardization (drug extract ratio, solvents etc.)

Probiotics in many strains and cultures in individual amounts

As our customer you can also purchase reliably probiotic cultures such as the bacterial strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Casei, Gasseri, Plantarum, Salivarius, Rhamnosus or  Bifidbakterium Bifidum, Infantis, Breve, Lactis and many others. You can obtain our cultures as single strains or in mixtures of your choice as freeze-dried raw material 


Raw materials from all over the world in individual quantities

The best health-promoting raw materials from all over the world
Our experts search worldwide for the best raw materials for your high-quality health products.
We offer raw materials from the most renowned manufacturers all over the world.  All raw materials pass through our HACCP hazards and risk analysis and are delivered to you fully documented with laboratory analyses.

What we stand for

Long-term experience & high-quality raw materials


  • Long-term Experience in the purchase and distribution of Health Ingredients

  • Individualpackaged raw material quantities at attractive prices, from 10 g up to 1 tonne

  • Über 1000 quality-tested raw materials available at short notice

  • Fast and reliable order processing of small as well as large quantities

  • Austrian Quality and safety standards

  • Product concepts and Application recommendations

  • Sourcing of raw materials on customer request

  • Complete documentation and Sample service

  • Worldwide supplier network with convincing partners