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Amino acids of sanpuharm ingredients
Amino acids
Flavours of sanpuharm ingredients
BIO Plant extracts from sanpuharm ingredients
BIO plant extracts
Enzymes of sanpuharm ingredients
Fruit and vegetable powder from sanpuharm ingredients
Fruit and vegetable powder
Carbohydrates from sanpuharm ingredients
Marine raw materials from sanpuharm ingredients
Marine raw materials
Mineral salts of sanpuharm ingredients
oils & liquids of sanpuharm ingredients
Oils & Liquids
patented raw materials of sanpuharm ingredients
Patented raw materials
Plant extracts of sanpuharm ingredients
Plant extracts
Prebiotics & Probiotika von sanpuharm ingredients
Prebiotics & Probiotics
Proteins from sanpuharm ingredients
Other raw materials of sanpuharm ingredients
Other raw materials
Superfoods von sanpuharm ingredients
Vitalpilze von sanpuharm ingredients
Vital fungi
Vitamins of sanpuharm ingredients
Vitamins & Minerals natural of sanpuharm ingredients
Vitamins & Minerals natural

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Our core products

from amino acids to superfoods

Our Austrian Family business is specialized for many years in the purchase and selling of natural raw materials for food auxiliary means, micro nutrient preparations, food industry, sport nutrition, functional Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Kosmetik and animal nutrition.

Our Core Products are plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, oils and CO2 extrracts, marine raw materials, superfoods and a variety of patented raw materials and BIO raw materials.

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We deliver your Raw material not only in standard packaging, but also enable you to order individually packed quantities at attractive prices. So you always get exactly the quantities you need for your needs and save costs on unneeded residual quantities.

From the  small batch for start-ups to large productions, we deliver entirely according to your wishes!

Best Price Guarantee

savings through combination orders

We have more than 1000 raw materials, which are always short term available: Microencapsulated oils in powder form, algae products, amino acids, antioxidants, sweeteners, plant extracts, carotenoids, milk derivatives, enzymes, fruit and vegetable powders, flavonoids, phospholipids, lecithins, lipids, marine and mineral raw materials, probiotics, nutraceuticals, proteins and vitamins.

You will certainly find what you are looking for in our shop several times and can save costs by ordering combined raw materials Costs !

sanupharm ingredients Raw materials

From the small quantity to the large batch

We guarantee you will find what you are looking for! We have large quantities of our standard assortment in stock and can supply you quickly [&;] inexpensively.

If you need a special raw material, we can procure it for you within the shortest possible time. Ask for a non-binding offer!