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Mineral salts: Raw materials of sanupharm ingredients

Minerals salts

Mineral salts from calcium carbonate to sodium borate.
Sanupharm ingredients offers a wide range of mineral salts of the highest quality and fast delivery.

Mineral Salts  
Ammonium molybdate (Molybdän(VI))  
Boric acid  
Calcium carbonate  
Calcium chloride  
Calcium citrate malate  
Calcium gluconate  
Calcium glycerophosphate  
Calcium hydroxide  
Calcium lactate  
Calcium malate  
Calcium oxide  
Calcium salt of citric acid  
Calcium salt of orthophosphoric acid  
Calcium sulphate  
Chromium (III)-chloride and his Hexahydrate  
Chromium(III)-sulphate and his Hexahydrate  
Copper carbonate  
Copper citrate  
Copper gluconate  
Copper sulfate  
Copper-Lysine complex  
Elementary Iron (Carbonyl + electrolytic + hydrogen-reduced)  
Iron ammonium citrate  
Iron bisglycinate  
Iron carbonate  
Iron citrate  
Iron diphosphate (Iron pyrophosphate)  
Iron fumarate  
Iron gluconate  
Iron lactate  
Iron saccharate  
Iron sodium diphosphat  
Ironn sulfate  
Magnesium acetate  
Magnesium carbonate  
Magnesium chloride  
Magnesium gluconate  
Magnesium glycerophosphate  
Magnesium hydroxide  
Magnesium lactate  
Magnesium oxide  
Magnesium potassium citrate  
Magnesium salts of citric acid  
Magnesium salts of orthophosphoric acid  
Magnesium sulphate  
Manganese carbonate  
Manganese chloride  
Manganese citrate  
Manganese gluconate  
Manganese glycerophosphate  
Manganese sulphate  
Potassium bicarbonate  
Potassium carbonate  
Potassium chloride  
Potassium citrate  
Potassium fluoride  
Potassium gluconate  
Potassium glycerophosphate  
Potassium hydroxide  
Potassium iodate  
Potassium iodide  
Potassium lactate  
Potassium salt of orthophosphoric acid  
Selenium enriched yeast  
Sodium bicarbonate  
Sodium borate  
Sodium carbonate  
Sodium citrate  
Sodium fluoride  
Sodium gluconate  
Sodium hydrogen selenite  
Sodium hydroxide  
Sodium iodate  
Sodium iodide  
Sodium lactate  
Sodium molybdate (Molybdän(VI))  
Sodium salt of orthophosphoric acid  
Sodium selenate  
Sodium selenite  
Zinc acetate  
Zinc bisglycinate  
Zinc carbonate  
Zinc chloride  
Zinc citrate  
Zinc gluconate  
Zinc lactate  
Zinc oxide  
Zinc sulphate  


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